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0014911ScribusInternalpublic2017-07-14 18:37
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Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0014911: Establish code formatting style
DescriptionIn order to see how easy 0006918 would be to fix, I had a look at the source code (scribusview.cpp), and it looks very inconsistent to me.

* When declaring local pointer variables, sometimes the * is written with spaces on both sides. This looks like a multiplication and should therefore be avoided.

* When initializing local variables, there are spaces around the =. In assignments, they are usually but not always missing. This is confusing since assignment has much lower precedence than other operators. It looks equally wrong as writing 3+5 * 7.

* Some local variables start with an uppercase letter, others with a lowercase letter. When to use which style?

* Inside parentheses, in some cases there is a space and most often it is not.

* Sometimes there is a space after a comma, sometimes not.

* There are French comments in scribuscore.cpp. Are they intentional, or should they be in English?

There should be some rules for formatting source code consistently. For example, can do these and keep the source code as-is in all places that should stay like they are now.
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