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Summary0014923: Styles associated Scrap Book items are affect main document globally
DescriptionIf you have a document using specific styles and then want to copy in a Scrapbook item with a style with same name but different characteristics it will change the documents styles.

Example, you have a scrapbook item a text box and the text box has text formatted in italics and you copy to the document where the style is normal (not italics), all the items in the document will change to italics.

There are 3 scenarios - at least
1. scrapbook item has no effect but if you inspect it will not be consistent with the main document. One would need to go into styles to reapply style
2. The scrapbook inherits main stamp definitions - preferred
3. Main document inherits the scrap book items styles - what I see

It seems to affect all styles even if not used in the scrapbook item. For example, if you copy a scrapbook item and the origjnal document has 3 different styles but only is actively using when you copy it wil replace all 3 styles if same name in destination document.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create something with styles and copy to scrap box.
2. Create new document and create same name styles but change formatting like bold, italics/
3. Copy scrapbook item into new document

New document should inherit styes from scrap book.
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2017-07-24 09:07

manager   ~0044207

i think that the main use of the scrapbook is internally in a document.
the default behavior should imo be: just apply the current style to the scrapbook item, when it's inserted in the document.

if the user changed the style between the time it has put the item in the scrapbook and the time it pulls the item out, she should get the changes also in the new item.

but there are at least two further cases that should indeed be covered, if possible without affecting the "normal" case:
- copying the scrapbook item to a document that does not have the styles already defined (in this case, it's probably fine to automatically create the styles, according to the information stored in the scrapbook)
- copying the item into a document that already has the same style name: in this case scribus will have to ask what the user prefers... and, probably, optionally cache the answer (for the current document).

first step?
probably, not overwriting the style if it already exists...

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