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0015009ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-11-01 16:00
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Summary0015009: "Show canvas" mode via Tab or other key combination
DescriptionThis is feature request to complement to "Full screen" mode feature request (
Closest software that has this implemented is Krita. It uses Tab to:
- hide all active palettes and windows
- hide the toolbars
- hide the status bar
Ruler visibility is set separately, but this needs discussion.
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2017-10-06 14:11

manager   ~0044494

while implementing the tab, i've found out that the feature already exists... well hidden and only "half" implemented (but with a better way of toggling the palettes visibility, than the krita example)

now, F12 does it. the feature is called "specialToggleAllPalettes". i suggest that this "hidden" feature is replaced by a new "viewCanvasOnly" that extends it.

and use the tab key for it.


2017-10-13 08:19

manager   ~0044537

i'm close to a solution.

one thing is missing. if i hit tab palettes and toolbar are hidden.

if i quit scribus while they are still hidden, when i reopen scribus the palette are back (and this is right!) but not the toolbars (which is wrong!).

sadly, i cannot find out where the restoring of the palettes on quit does happen...

any hint about which part of code stores the the current status of the palettes and toolbars?


2017-10-23 07:27

manager   ~0044567

new issue: i have to disable the tab when the user is editing a palette...


2017-10-25 10:20

reporter   ~0044580

If you mean changing input boxes inside palettes then I 100% agree. There is also side issue here, shift+tab doesn't seem to work.


2017-10-30 09:28

reporter   ~0044612

Blender uses Alt+F11 for full-screen window and Alt+F10 for "fullscreen editor". Maybe it's worth to reconsider Tab shortcut as Alt+F10 is empty.


2017-11-01 16:00

manager   ~0044616

if i can't get tab to work, i think other shortcuts should be used, yes!

but, personally, i'd really like to have the tab for it...

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