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0015011ScribusPrintingpublic2017-12-20 20:58
ReporterNauty Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformOSWindowsOS VersionWin7-64bit-sp1
Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0015011: Print Preview don't show image if its rotation is not zero degree
DescriptionWhen an image is rotate inside the "Image frame" the "Print Preview..." don't work fine.
The Export is OK: PDF and Image (JPG).

I'm using
Steps To Reproduce1) New document in A4 size
2) Insert "Image Frame"
3) Select the frame and Ctrl+I (Get Image...)
3.1) now I see the image in the frame and the frame is selected
4) In "Properties" palette inside "Image" tab I change the Rotation value to 90 degree (in my case); and I see the image rotate
5) The document is OK then, File -> Print Preview..
6.1) The preview don't show the image.

The Preview shows only the images with Rotation == 0 degree.
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2017-10-07 19:43

reporter   ~0044503

I just tested this issue on "scribus-1.5.4.svn-snapshot-171006-x64.exe" and the Print Preview is not correct.
Maybe, do I wrong something?


2017-10-07 19:46

administrator   ~0044504

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This snapshot dates from yesterday, so for sure it has not the fix yet.


2017-10-07 19:54

reporter   ~0044505

Ah, okay.

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