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0000151ScribusFontspublic2004-01-14 16:39
Reportercbradney Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000151: Remove references to unused fonts in Scribus documents
DescriptionScribus stores references to once used (but now unused) fonts in the .sla files. Perhaps on saving the font list could be cleared out, if not done dynamically.
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2004-01-14 02:18

reporter   ~0000209

There are quite a few issues surrounding the font system within Scribus. I will be taking a look at (and hopefully solving) some of the problems over the next few days (though it may take longer)


2004-01-14 07:07

administrator   ~0000212

Already fixed in 1.1.5cvs


2004-01-14 16:39

viewer   ~0000220

tested the fix - works perfectly for me
looked inside the files - after saving only used fonts are saved

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