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0015114ScribusPDFpublic2021-03-08 12:03
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Platformamd64OSalike debianOS Version9
Summary0015114: Make Bounding Box choosable for embedded pdf files
DescriptionAfter loading a pdf file to an image frame you can choose to fit the pdf file to the frame border but you cann't choose which part of the pdf (MediaBox=PageSize / TrimBox / BleedBox / CropBox / ArtBox)
Feature requests:
* make that choosable.
* (if not choosable:) communicate to user which box actually is taken.
Additional InformationNot important, only if there's someone out there who has nothing to do...
Tagsboxes, PDF



2020-02-19 13:21

reporter   ~0047412

+1 to this issue.

An important use case is that if some PDF artwork with a bleed box should indeed bleed into one or more of the margins of the importing document, this is currently impossible as Scribus always chooses the ArtBox.

I had to manually change the ArtBox in a PDF recently to get the bleed to display in an image frame.

I think it would be good to increase the priority of this issue from low.


2021-03-08 12:03

reporter   ~0048923

Also, it seems that for an import as a vector file, trimming to the bleed box does not seem to work either, at least for some PDFs: see 0016513

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