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0015122ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2018-02-01 15:16
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Summary0015122: Text Drop Shadow Exports Differently Based on DPI
DescriptionPlacing drop shadow on a text frame and exporting it as an image produces different results based upon the DPI of the exported image.

Steps To ReproduceCreate a text frame and set the drop shadow on it. Export as png and set the DPI to 72. Now export the image again and set the DPI at 600. In the 600 DPI image the drop shadow will not be visible compared to the 72 dpi image.
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2018-02-01 13:13

administrator   ~0044899

Unable to reproduce. Works well here.


2018-02-01 15:16

reporter   ~0044900

Sorry, my steps to reproduce were not complete. Try this instead:

- Open Scribus Version 1.5.4.svn 02 January 2018 - SVN Revision: 22338 Build ID: C--T-F-C1.14.12-Mac/-64bit (No Ghostscript version available)

- Create a new empty single page document

- Go to Insert > Shape > Default Shapes > Square. Drag a square on top of the image frame and set the Fill Color of the square to Black. Set the fill Transparency to 50%.

- Go to Insert > Text Frame and drag a large text frame onto the canvas on top of the black square. Select the text frame and to go Edit > Edit Text with Story Editor. Enter the word "Test" in the text window, set the font to Arial Regular and size 60 pt. Push update Text Frame and Exit on the Story Editor window. Select the text frame and in the Properties panel expand the Drop Shadow pane. Place a check mark on "Has Drop Shadow". Set the X-Offset and Y-Offset to 0.00 inches. Set the blur 0.2 inches. Set the drop shadow color to white.

- Go to File > Export > Save as image. Choose png and set Resolution to 600 dpi

- Go to File > Export > Save as image. Choose png and set Resolution to 72 dpi

Compare the two images and see the difference in the brightness of the drop shadow (test-72-dpi.png vs test-600-dpi.png attached)
test-72-dpi.png (8,241 bytes)   
test-72-dpi.png (8,241 bytes)   
test-600-dpi.png (147,564 bytes)   
test-600-dpi.png (147,564 bytes)   

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