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0015129ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-02-08 14:21
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Summary0015129: Feature request: Export images on spreads as one image
DescriptionI use Scribus for making photo books. Should it be possible to create an option in the “Export as image(s)”-menu to export left and right pages on spreads together to one image? (e.g. page002-003.png).
Same for the book cover which is a 3-fold spread with the book spine as the middle page. (I can even imagine a 5-fold spread for a dust jacket).
I would prefer this method over creating one large page in Scribus because of page numbering. In the case of the cover, the advantage would be that I could keep the page guides and objects on the right page when changing the width of the spine.
Perhaps this feature should also be implemented with the “Export as pdf”.
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2018-02-07 10:46

manager   ~0044936

imo we should keep the export as image as "small" as possible and produce images that can be further processed to output any possible layout.

we should have python scripts (or even create a separate Qt program if yo uwant) that help converting the pdfs created by scribus into images in differnt layouts.


2018-02-08 14:21

reporter   ~0044947

My only purpose is to find a way to automatize the merging (as images) of the side by side pages generated by Scribus. If this could be achieved by a script or a separate program this is fine for me.

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