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0015187ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-03-09 16:45
ReporterSandra Assigned To 
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PlatformUbuntu Studio 16.04.4 LTS 
Product Version1.4.6 
Summary0015187: randomly all pages disappear and I am not on the page I was on anymore but grey void area
DescriptionRandomly after assigning a paragraph style, or importing a picture, or zooming in/out or any other random task i am not on the page I was working on anymore but somewhere in a weird corner of the grey area. It happens after random tasks but after almost every second task. It is not only with one particular action. The pages completely disappear. The only thing that helps is zooming out till all pages appear again. But I have to do this every minute and it disrupts the work flow immensely.

Is there a problem in Scribus working with big documents? Mine is about 100 pages with about 50 images high res.
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has duplicate 0009022 confirmed Scrollbar jumps to a strange position 



2018-03-09 16:20

manager   ~0045035

yes, it looks like a memory issue.

if possible, you should create multiple documents.


2018-03-09 16:45

developer   ~0045036

same: 0009022

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