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Summary0015194: File type structure should be W3C conform

I don't Know if it is already the case with the new file format's structure. But if it's not I highly recomment this change.
This is the base for Accessibility and Cross Media Publishing of the future! The new files should support the following creterias:
- CSS Paged Media Module Level 3 (W3C Working Draft 14 March 2013, and
- CSS Generated Content for Paged Media Module (W3C Working Draft, 13 May 2014,
- CSS Writing Modes Level 3 (W3C Candidate Recommendation, 7 December 2017,
- Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, (W3C Recommendation 11 December 2008,

Here is a nice article about that matter: Building Books with CSS3 by Nellie McKesson (
Publishing with the Open Web Stack by Sanders Kleinfeld, O’Reilly Media, Inc. (
Designing For Print With CSS by Rachel Andrew (

I can't say how much work it will take to change the format or how precise the output could be. But technically should be (X)HTML5 with CSS3 good enough for most publications. Of cause there are tasks HTML can't do but XML can. So use XML as workaround respectively like before. And for the structures HTML. HTML5 semantics is a great feature. Native HTML ist also a great solution for the unhandy usage of tables of content or other indexes or spreadsheets. In addition: The semantics help structure the output on screen as well for the impaired people. WAI-ARIA roles and attrubutes help screenreaders on web and in PDF files. That goes as well with ebooks - before I red a post about ebooks in Scribus. It took to the solution to use Calibre. Calibre and Sigil are great tools for ebook creation and editing but it could be so nice if Scribus could open and save native ebooks. Opening EPUB in Scribus and prepare for a prepress version. Designing a (print) newsletter/book and save it as EPUB without conversion or export - as alternative or correlate to PDF files. Or with Import/Export for modifications like code cleaning and image conversion fitting (like from 3508x2480px 300ppi to 1123x794px 96ppi). This requires optional an editor for XML and (X)HTML as well as CSS stylesheets.
Additional InformationPrint Accessibility Guidelines:
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2018-05-15 16:59

reporter   ~0045251

I have found scribus is quite messy at applying styles to the tables and cells etc.. I guess this suggestion might help to the whole issue of styles applied to tables ?

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