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Summary0015196: inspect, not outline
Descriptioneverybody who as worked with the web in the last few years knows what "inspecting" a page means.

for me, the outline of a document, is a list of sections, chapters and so on...

i suggest that:

- we rename the outline window to the "inspect" tool.
- we add an "inspect" entry in the context menu that shows (only!) the item and it's sub items in the inspect tool
- we add picker in the tool that would produce the same result as the inspect from the context menu
- we add a "show all" button that shows all the items, keeping the focus on the one currently selected.

the inspect tool could show a few more informations. as an example, the ones shown in the "info" in the context menu.
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2018-03-17 14:42

manager   ~0045052

a bit of context:

i wanted to edit the text inside of a group without ungrouping.
it would be much more intuitive to right click on the group, inspect it, and pick the text item it contains.

going to the outline is not semantic to me and, currently, i would rather look for the keyboard modifier to select the item in the group. which is harder to use, much harder to guess it exists... but much obvious from the semantics... : - )

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