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0015215ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-03-26 08:00
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Summary0015215: Wishlist: Markup languages support
DescriptionAs recently the discussion on formatted text frame import is emerging in Scribus mailing list I hereby open a list of markup languages wishes.
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u ltd.

2018-03-24 08:11

reporter   ~0045083

Last edited: 2018-03-24 09:18

Wish 1: RST

u ltd.

2018-03-24 08:16

reporter   ~0045084

Wish _2: txt2tags (OK, I don't really mean it, it's only because I used this in one project.)

(When looking at Wikipedia, you find lots of markup languages - Markdown, AsciiDoc, Textile, BBCode)


2018-03-26 07:57

manager   ~0045097

hi u

personally, i prefer markdown to rst.

i must admit that i've never typed much or any rst but just looking at the way i should type the titles scares me a bit.
markdown is well supported, it's well known and it contains all basic features one needs to create text files that contain some formatting *and* are easily diffed.

markdown is not a standardized format.
this has some drawbacks, but it also allows us to integrate some specific commands with are useful for scribus without having to worry to be compatible with everybody else. and therefore make those commands more complex than strictly needed. (as an example: i will add paragraph and probably character style support).

i'm currently working on a markdown converter for scribus and -- if you can program in c++ -- you're welcome to join my effort.


2018-03-26 08:00

manager   ~0045098

and for getting an external tool to convert from md (or anything else) to the scribus text format, we have first to allow the text content to be optionally stored in external files and -- at the same time -- find a good way to store the text and formatting in that context (probably an html + css like way).

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