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0001522ScribusGeneralpublic2005-10-02 23:29
Reportertom_verbeure Assigned Tosubik  
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PlatformPCOSLinuxOS Version2.4.20 Suse 8.2
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0001522: configure wrongly reports detected Python version
When I override the standard search paths for Python by using:

./configure --with-pythonpath=/usr/local/python-2.3

./configure will correctly find all the necessary ./include and ./lib directories and compile correctly.

However, when ./configure finished, it reports that it will use a version of Python smaller than 2.3.

This is fairly annoying, because it made me believe that the specified python version somehow wasn't found. (And since python 2.2 aborts during the scribus compilation, it resulted in a long quest to find the problem! :-) )

The reason for the wrong report is that the following step fails:
"checking python2.3/Python.h usability"
This check fails because the test is compiled without include paths specified.

This results in ac_cv_header_python_2_3_Python_h being set to 'no' after which hapython is also set to 'no'.
Ultimately, this variable is used to report that a version smaller than 2.3 will be used.

That said, the compilation works fine afterwards...
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2005-01-23 15:30

manager   ~0003525

can you check it with these files?


2005-01-23 17:19

reporter   ~0003526

I'll try, but it may take a while. My development computer is currently loaned out. :-)


2005-07-15 18:22

manager   ~0005594

Python availability checking is now rewritten. It's working now for all pythons installed here (2.1 ... 2.4)

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