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0015230ScribusGeneralpublic2018-09-27 07:12
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Product Version1.5.4.svn 
Summary0015230: remove the snap to items modus (and only keep the newer shift snapping)
Description implements the snap to items with the shift key.

personally, i don't see a use case, for keeping the snapping to items enabled for a longer time.

if the shift-snap works well enough, i recommend to remove the snap to items mode:

- this simplifies the UI...
- ... and the code

... except if somebody can mention a real world use case where enabling the snap to items mode is superior to just pressing shift when it's needed.

ps.: the "discoverability" of the feature should go through a similar way as inkscape is doing (in their case a message in the status bar)
Additional Informationremoving the snap to items mode implies:

- fixing the "shift-click" to check that the shift key is pressed before the click (currently, if one has the shift key pressed when releasing the mouse button, it gets an unwanted resize of the frame... fixing this is imo a UX improvement anyway)
- add the item snapping with shift key also for the creation and resizing of items.

now that i've made the patch for the shift-snap in the move case, this should not be hard to do...
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related to 0015228 assignedale [PATCH] pressing shift should temporary enable the snap to items 



2018-04-03 17:42

developer   ~0045138

Oups i tried but obviously i didnt try well. CTRL keeps the size ratio constrained and SHIFT is not involved with this.

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