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0015255ScribusUsabilitypublic2018-04-09 07:54
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Platform32bitOSubuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version1.5.3 
Summary0015255: scribus -g -py steals focus and does not run in background

While running Scribus in silent mode 5with options "-g -py") on many files, Scribus takes focus in fullscreen each time it opens a document. This practically leads to freezing the computer until Scribus job is done... which is not in line with "unobstructive" silent mode.

Please fix -g -py option combination for Scribus to run completely silent, and not steal focus.
Steps To Reproduce1. uncompress attached archive (many.tar.gz) with 150 sla files, one image, and one script.
2. open some document of your own (or website) you really want to read on your computer
3. run command line from within the extracted folder, collapsing the Scribus window to the taskbar
               scribus-ng -g -py -- *.sla
4. try to read the document of point 2 while Scribus keeps popping up each time it opens the next document.

5. kill the command line (promptly) when you get bored of the running test ;)
Additional Informationshortly discussed with a-l-e at, who suggested I report the issue here instead.



2018-04-08 01:08


many.tar.gz (35,948 bytes)


2018-04-09 07:54

manager   ~0045154

iirc, scribus was mean to be able to run without a GUI... this never 100% worked but, currently, i have the feeling that scribus just works with the full GUI even if you pass the -g argument.

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