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0015266Scribus-public2019-08-17 09:20
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Summary0015266: the measurement tool seems to display random width / dx values
Descriptionthe measurement tool seems to display random width / dx values
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2018-04-20 08:43


measurement.gif (285,102 bytes)
measurement.gif (285,102 bytes)


2018-04-20 08:44

manager   ~0045169

p.s.: in the screencast above the length should be between 0 and 2.5 cm...


2018-04-20 15:32

developer   ~0045170

Hi ale.
I can't reproduce in Linux Mint (r22469), but...
...please look at the picture: only the section after the decimal point appears.

test.png (78,083 bytes)
test.png (78,083 bytes)


2018-04-20 16:01

developer   ~0045171

This tool completely useless, if not snaps! :-(


2019-08-17 09:20

manager   ~0046472

on my computer, the measurement tool's window is still too narrow but it's now usable...

and yes, peter is right in both replies: i was only seeing the last part of the value and the tool is completely useless (it should at least accept ctrl as a modifier to "snap" to multiple of 15 angles and snap to items when the option is enabled.
but even then, i'm not really sure that the tool is of much use...

closing this for now

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