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0015295ScribusTypographypublic2018-05-17 14:44
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Summary0015295: OpenType features in Arabic font are not fully supported
I make open source OpenType fonts with the name PakType ( I have put some GPOS and KERN features in my fonts which are not fully supported in Scribus at the moment. I am attaching two screen shots where I am using PakType Naskh Basic font. The picture has 4 unicode characters, which are replaced and positioned properly in Notepad (I am using Windows 7 64 bit), but this combination is not working properly on Scribus.

Characters are: U+06DD U+0666 U+0666 U+06D9

One more request. I worked with Quran publishers in Pakistan and successfully incorporated 14 Quranic symbols in Unicode but unfortunately their positioning is not supported even on any Windows software. If you please change the application so that it pulls all GPOS and GSUB rules from the font blindly, then my fonts will work properly on Scribus.

Other combinations (not supported anywhere so far): U+06DD U+0666 U+0666 U+08D6
Detailed list is here:
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Scribus
2. Add a text block
3. Change font to pakType Naskh Basic
4. Change direction of the block to RTL
3. Paste these characters: ۝٦٦ۙ
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2018-05-01 18:45


correct.JPG (9,149 bytes)   
correct.JPG (9,149 bytes)   
scribus.JPG (10,731 bytes)   
scribus.JPG (10,731 bytes)   


2018-05-17 14:44

reporter   ~0045256

I have uploaded PDF version of the file here:

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