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Summary0015296: Icon for "clean style" buttons
Description"clean style" buttons are the buttons right next to the "apply style" selectors of the property palette (1 for "apply paragraph style", one for "apply character style"). The icon for these 2 buttons is a dustbin.

Dustbins are used to throw away objects in a destructive way. In relation with the "apply style" selectors, it could mean "delete" the style (?) or "un-apply" the selected style.
Dustbin icon is too strong and too violent for these buttons action.

What it actualy does is neither destroy the style nor un-apply it, but "restore the applied styles to be exactly the selected styles". That is "un-apply any style that is localy applied over the selector's selected style".

A better icon would be a broom or something conveying the idea of cleaning (removing localy applied dust or style)

For lots of Licence CC icons or ideas for icons, see
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related to 0015704 new "style dustbin" buttons dont behave as they say they do 



2019-06-05 09:38

manager   ~0046279

let's go for the toilet paper : - )

more seriously, i would prefer an eraser rather than a broom... (we already had a broom in the past, and it always felt wrong to me...)

the trash bin is indeed not a good solution...
paper.png (4,053 bytes)   
paper.png (4,053 bytes)   
eraser.png (2,651 bytes)   
eraser.png (2,651 bytes)   


2019-06-05 11:11

developer   ~0046280

Last edited: 2019-06-05 11:11

As for a broom :
As for "clean", it leads to "shiny" :


2019-06-05 13:31

developer   ~0046281

...the toilet paper : - D

index.png (1,722 bytes)   
index.png (1,722 bytes)   


2019-06-06 07:29


sponge.png (4,902 bytes)   
sponge.png (4,902 bytes)   


2019-06-06 07:29

manager   ~0046282

personally, i cannot link the broom with anything relating to DTP.
it has been there in the past, and i guess that it has been replaced for good reasons.

i somehow like peter's suggestions, but i fear that it contains too many small details...
... but if somebody manages to create an icon based on that image, i will help getting it into scribus!

the trash can is bad (since it is already used for a slightly different meaning), and i still think that the eraser above is not such a bad compromise:

- has very few details but is still easy to recognize
- has some relationship with DTP (even if i really hope that scribus will never get an eraser tool...)

but, yes, it also means delete and not clean up.

i had a look at sponges and most of them cannot be recognized at small sizes.

the only one is imo somehow ok is the attached one... but it also contains way too many details.

my bottom line: does anybody know how to get from peter suggestion to a usable icon both in light and dark mode?


2019-06-06 21:11

administrator   ~0046285

It looks me a long time to work out the one from Peter was a T with a line through it. Almost like an A turned on its side.


2019-06-07 08:35

manager   ~0046287

well, i've seen it as an italic T with a stroke... i guess that if you do a bit of typography it's not that hard to get... if it's close to a list of text formatting : - )

i only fear that it contains too many details that are hard to convert into an icon:

- the italic
- the stroke

on top of it, to be "scribus compatible", the T should have serifs... even more details : - )

but, until now, it's probably the best proposal... so, if somebody has an idea how to get a good icon out of it, i'd like to see it and judge : - )


2019-06-07 10:44

developer   ~0046288

default_style.png (74,209 bytes)   
default_style.png (74,209 bytes)   


2019-06-07 13:10

developer   ~0046289

This is clear indeed.
I found your previous proposal to be ambiguous because it could be read as a strange rotated A and was not easy to understand.
This one has no ambiguity but has more details.
It has much more details but its ok and very legible in the screenshot even in the small size buttons.


2019-06-07 18:43

developer   ~0046290

Last edited: 2019-06-07 18:45

I modified the arrows. Now similar such as the arrows of icons.

clear_style.jpg (32,400 bytes)   
clear_style.jpg (32,400 bytes)   
clear_style_source.svg (13,976 bytes)   
clear_style_source.svg (13,976 bytes)   


2019-06-12 15:35

manager   ~0046295

personally, i don't "like" the one with the pilcrow.

the one with the A looks ok in your screenshot, but if i try to reproduce it here, it looks way too small..
both the italic A and the arrow are so tiny...

but i could not produce a sharp icon with inkscape... and i'm too lazy (or rather unskilled) to create a good icon that is sharp in the bitmap.
so it might be an issue with the way i've been creating the icon.

this having been said, i see two important issues:

- on the one side, scribus use a T in all icons relating to formatting, not an A.
- the T always has serifs (so the "unformatted" letter should also have serifs.

p.s.: if the A is kept, the top part of the arrow should align with the serif of the small letter (center) and the base of the arrow head, with the right serif and the arrow head itself, should point to the bar in the A (but i'd really prefer a T... which changes everything...)


2019-06-13 10:54

developer   ~0046298

Last edited: 2019-06-13 11:00

"personally, i don't "like" the one with the pilcrow."
Two "clear style" icon are in the Scribus: Paragraph and Character style. The pilcrow icon belong to the Paragraph style, the Character icon belong to the character icon (01 and 02). That's why there are two.

clearstyle.png (8,854 bytes)   
clearstyle.png (8,854 bytes)   
01.png (705 bytes)   
01.png (705 bytes)   
01_dark.png (724 bytes)   
01_dark.png (724 bytes)   
02.png (772 bytes)   
02.png (772 bytes)   
02_dark.png (832 bytes)   
02_dark.png (832 bytes)   


2019-06-13 18:13

manager   ~0046301

Last edited: 2019-06-13 18:13

an italic pilcrow does not make much sense to me...
personally, i would go for only one icon for both clearing the character and paragraph formatting.

- the arrow is now well aligned
- the black on white T is not 100% black. (the other icons are 100% black on 100% transparent)
- the T is antialiased, most other icons are sharp.

i've tried to make a bit map version of your latest proposal...

the details in the italic T and the arrow are really tiny on my screen...
(in the png below, you see it 2x or 3x magnification...)

edit-clear.png (7,998 bytes)   
edit-clear.png (7,998 bytes)   
edit-clear-screenshot.png (31,715 bytes)   
edit-clear-screenshot.png (31,715 bytes)   


2019-07-17 19:31


clear_style_source-2.svg (8,036 bytes)   
clear_style_source-2.svg (8,036 bytes)   


2019-07-17 19:34

developer   ~0046411

clear_style.png (23,932 bytes)   
clear_style.png (23,932 bytes)   
clear_style_source-3.svg (8,036 bytes)   
clear_style_source-3.svg (8,036 bytes)   

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