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0015704ScribusStylespublic2019-06-08 07:07
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Summary0015704: "style dustbin" buttons dont behave as they say they do
Description2 "style dustbin" buttons exist next to the paragraph style chooser and character style chooser.

- Paragraph style dustbin button's hint says (translated from french) : "delete paragraph's manual style" which i dont understand. As far as i can check it when this button is clicked, it deletes the localy applied ("inline") character style, and doesnt change the paragraph's style.

- Character style's dustbin button's hint says [fr] : "delete character's manualy applied style" which i understand as "delete localy applied character style = inline character style". But i couldnt have it do anything : it doesnt change anything.

It looks like the paragraph dustbin does what the character dustbin is meant to do - so it looks like this is a bug.

Or a bad design of what these buttons should do.

Or the hints are not clear enough to explain what these buttons realy do.
Additional InformationSee also related 0015296
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2019-06-04 16:58

administrator   ~0046268

Last edited: 2019-06-04 17:00

- Paragraph style dustbin:
Create new doc, new text frame, insert sample text, then create a new paragraph style which center texts, apply it to the first paragraph. As expected, first paragraph is now centered in frame. Then with PP modify that first paragraph so that it gets right aligned. Now click the paragraph style dustbin: the right alignment is removed and the applied paragraph style attribute is now used again: the local formatting done with PP has been removed.

- Character style dustbin:
Create new doc, new text frame, insert sample text, then create a new character style which colors text with a color of your choice. Select some characters in your frame and apply your new character style. As expected, text is now colored with your choosen color. Select same characters, then with PP modify character color with some other color. Now click the character style dustbin with still same characters selected: the recently applied color is removed and the color used in the character style is used again: the local formatting done with PP has been removed.

The buttons work as expected: they remove local formatting done with PP, leaving only named styles applied. Note that the French translation of the tooltips never use the word "style", but "formattage manuel".


2019-06-04 18:02

developer   ~0046269

Last edited: 2019-06-04 19:58

"Formatting" is not "styling" right. This is how i can logicaly expect these buttons to behave (and that's also why 0015296 requests a broom rather than a dustbin). Your explanations are clear but are much longer than the hint text.
How to improve this ?

- Adding "localy" in the hint would help.

- Also adding "applied" would help in the paragraph dustbin's hint -- as is allready added in the character dustbin's hint.

- Using "formating attributes" would be more clear
That's because "formatting" could be a synonymous for "styling" -- all the more with translations which often erode the meaning -- and also because "formating" is a global action as "styling" is, whereas "formating attributes" are single independant properties, which is what applies "local and manual formatting".

I dont use these buttons because i've generaly been disappointed by their not-as-expected behaviour - but i cant precisely reproduce. Maybe i didnt understood what to expect. I'll have to try to use them more and see if there is/what's my/the issue.

Note a reproductible issue : when having editing carret inside some paragraph text, clicking "paragraph dustbin" ALSO cleans the character formating of the single character at the right of the carret. It should only clean paragraph related format attributes.


2019-06-08 06:55

developer   ~0046291

Last edited: 2019-06-08 07:07

Here is one usecase

- I have defined a "titleP" paragraph style that rely on a defined "titleC" character style
- A paragraph has both "Default paragraph style" AND "Default character style"
- I place edit carret midst of paragraph and choose "titleP" paragraph style for it.
- See : the character style display has not changed. It still looks like "Default Character style". That's because the applied named character style is still "Default character style"
- I place edit carret midst of paragraph and click "paragraph style dustbin"
- See : nothing happens. I guess that's because it only acts on paragraph style, whose related character style is here overloaded with applied "Default character style".
- I select whole paragraph text
- 1) I apply same "Paragraph style dustbin"
- See :
* style is now cleaned and "titleP" paragraph style is now fully applied on selected text, along with its related "titleC" character style
* applied character style is now "none".

What happens is :
- not only does "paragraph style dustbin" cleans localy applied formatting
- it also wipes applied named "character style" but not on the paragraph level, only on the selected characters,

So it's both a mixture of paragraph wide action and character wide action...
and a mixture of action on "applied named character style" and on "formatting paragraph".
Not easy to grasp.
I wonder if there isnt a better choice for this behaviour.

Side note : When instead of « 1) "apply same Paragraph style dustbin" » i do :
- 2) apply "Character style dustbin" on selected text
- See : nothing happens.
Thats because it keeps and cleans the applied "Default character style", which is allready clean.

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