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0015319ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-05-14 13:12
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Summary0015319: Image frame does read the svg as vector files
DescriptionI have noticed when importing an image into an image frame, the vector files (svg) get converted into bitmap image. When I reported about the fact that changing external vector images was not refreshing in scribus, then I have been suggested to use sgv inside the image frame but image frames convert them into bitmap..
the overall problem related to vectorial images and its capabilities to get updated etc... is quite an urgent issue for designers looking for high resolution results.
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duplicate of 0000393 acknowledged SVG inside a picture frame 



2018-05-14 07:55

reporter   ~0045237

forgot to mention this is happening in version 1.5.4


2018-05-14 10:02

administrator   ~0045239

Last edited: 2018-05-14 10:05

Duplicate of 0000393. The solution is already expressed in this issue. When importing as vector, the whole SVG is converted to scribus elements... which means there is no SVG anymore after import and no possibility to keep a link to the original SVG. 0000393 already propose to allow importing SVG into image frames, which would allow to keep the link, and export as vector.


2018-05-14 13:12

manager   ~0045240

imo, scribus should not allow to load svg as bitmap in image frames.

if you leave the selector to "supported" file types it does not even show you the svg files.

but at sometime in the future, i'd like scribus to be able to load svgs as vectors inside of a scribus frame / group without making its element visible to the scribus document...

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