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0015325ScribusTablespublic2019-06-04 20:56
Reporterenzogian Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015325: columns and rows selection not working on tables
DescriptionI have noticed that when trying to select a complete column or line of rows (as the cursor changes to an arrow as a the traditional icon that use to indicate you are selecting all that column cells or row cells) then it does not display any selection .. it seems as is a not completed or finished feature or something like that (?)
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2018-05-15 21:40

administrator   ~0045253

Hmm, double click on a cell, then select. Works perfectly here.


2018-05-16 08:02

reporter   ~0045254

Thanks jghali in fact is not a major issue as I can select the column or the row the way you describe.. is just that when at the top of the table the cursor transforms into the traditional arrow that means would select the whole column or row but it does not .. (I am trying to get a screen shot but for some reason is not displaying the arrow I would like to show..) anyway as I said is not a major issue at all .. just a confusion with the cursor display .. ;)

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