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0015335ScribusMaster Pagespublic2018-05-23 13:25
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PlatformACEROSWindows 10OS Version1803
Product Version1.4.7 
Summary0015335: If assign a master page to a blank page, and the master page contains guides, those guides become part of the page
DescriptionA page with guides and other objects, that is used to create a Master Page, will include the guides wishing the new Master Page.

However, setting the page to use the 'normal' masterpage does not remove the guides, which remain behind.

Either the guides should be part of the master page or they should be part of the page, but not both. By itself, the 'normal' master page does NOT contain guides.
Steps To Reproduce1. create a page that contains guides and other objects
2. create a master page from that (the guides will be included in the master page)
3. change the master page setting for the page in step 1 to 'normal'
4. all of the objects that were present in step 2 will disappear EXCEPT the guides which will remain left behind

To get rid of the guides, one must either remove them one at a time, (or by editing the guides) OR one can delete the entire page and insert a new one.
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duplicate of 0007764 new Guidelines remain when applying new master page 



2018-05-23 13:24

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Duplicate of issue 0007764

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