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0015336ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2018-05-25 21:46
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PlatformPC 64-bitOSWindowsOS Version7 Enterprise
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015336: Character Palettes truncating display of Junicode glyphs
DescriptionThe Character Palette and the Enhanced Character Palette are truncating their display of glyphs associated with Junicode fonts, with the lower half of each glyph being cut off and the position of each glyph within its cell shifted downwards (but with the leading edge of the truncation above the lower cell boundary). The uploaded png files have screenshots of these palettes.

These palettes are displaying other fonts on my system normally; only Junicode fonts are affected by this issue. Apart from this display issue the palettes remain fully functional.
Steps To Reproduce(1) Download Junicode 1.001 from
(2) Extract Junicode fonts.
(3) Select Junicodes fonts, right click and select "install" (requires admin rights on Windows OS).
(4) Open new document in Scribus.
(5) Insert text frame.
(6) Open Story Editor.
(7) Click on Insert > Glyph . . . to open Character Palette.
(8) Select a Junicode font (e.g. Junicode Regular).
(9) Click Unicode Search button and enter a unicode value in the search box and double click to add to palette (e.g. 00C6 for latin capital ae). At this point, this should replicate what is seen in character_palette.png
(10) Click the Show Enhanced Palette button and select a Junicode font. This should replicate what is seen in enhanced_character_palette.png
Additional InformationI am also submitting a report on another Junicode-specific problem with the Character Palette.
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2018-05-25 18:43


character_palette.png (5,559 bytes)   
character_palette.png (5,559 bytes)   
enhanced_character_palette.png (87,394 bytes)   
enhanced_character_palette.png (87,394 bytes)   


2018-05-25 19:07

administrator   ~0045270

Unable to reproduce this here.


2018-05-25 21:46

reporter   ~0045271

There are additional steps needed to replicate the problem:

(5.3) Right click on text frame.
(5.5) Click on Text Properties.
(5.7) Select Junicode font and Stylistic sets "2" in Text Properties window (see text_properties.png screenshot), then close Text Properties window.

With these settings, one can skip step (8). Apparently it is toggling the stylistic set that triggers the display issue.
text_properties.png (39,664 bytes)   
text_properties.png (39,664 bytes)   

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