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0015342ScribusGeneralpublic2019-12-31 14:42
Reporterenzogian Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015342: undo command is not working
Descriptionthis happens for everything I do out of the text editor.. I mean, any change I apply to an object via properties in the tool palette cannot be undo via keyboard *only is possible via menu but not from the command keyboard control z
Steps To Reproducedraw a box and change its line color or thickness and try to undo the operation from the keyboard.. it does not obey.. you have to do it only from the edit menu ...
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2018-05-28 16:14

reporter   ~0045280

sorry I need to clarify this is happening randomly only in some of the features.. for example scaling an object then it can not be undo...
the line color was not the best example to test as it does well..
as I said is quite hard to determine exactly when happens but the scaling image is one example *scaling from the properties palette then try to undo the last action or values applied and it does undo..


2018-05-29 08:47

manager   ~0045283

this works for me

- create text frame and fill it
- create an image frame and load an image into it
- type some text in the text frame
- set the image to free scale
- scale it down a bit

ctrl-z to undo multiple times:

- the image is scaled up step by step
- the text gets undone in chunks

that works for me...


2018-05-29 08:52

manager   ~0045284

- create the two frames and set the image frame to freescale
- fill some text
- set the image frame to autoscale
- type some text

ctrl-z does undo step by step, as expected...

@enzogian , can you give a list of steps that show the issue?

p.s.: please check ... you should probably desable the item action mode...


2019-12-30 17:40

reporter   ~0047311

This affects me as well with version 1.5.5-4 (Arch Linux build from 2019-11-12).

To reproduce:
1. Create a new document.
2. Create a text box.
3. Double-click on text box.
4. Type some text ("hello world")
5. Press ctrl-z to undo typing.

This fails.

If I use the menu option: Edit > Undo, it works as expected.

I'll go on to say that *none* of the control-key based accelerators work (ctrl-c, ctrl-n, ctrl-s, etc). Other accelerators that do not need a ctrl- mapping (e.g. F4 for styles, "T" for textframe, etc) do work.

No other programs have this problem (Firefox, various gui editors, LibreOffice, et al).

Scribus version 1.4.7 does not have this problem.


2019-12-31 14:42

manager   ~0047313

@hawson as you are stating in 0015472 you seem to have a problem with your control based keyboard shortcuts..
your step above do work for me.

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