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0015344Scribus-public2020-04-15 06:40
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Fixed in Version1.4.9.svn 
Summary0015344: please document what is the legacy variable in pageitem_textframe.cpp

what does the legacy variable?
when can it be removed?

can somebody please document it or remove it (+ the dead code) since it's always true...
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2020-04-14 13:26

administrator   ~0047525

Looks like its gone so resolving


2020-04-14 13:29

administrator   ~0047526

ah not its not a class variable. legacy is for the old layout system


2020-04-15 06:40

manager   ~0047527

the biggest issue i have with it,is that legacy is always true!!!!!

why is the code always in legacy mode?

i would understand a "legacy = false" as a left over... but a "static const legacy = true"?
i fear that the non legacy code has never been really tested and that nowadays the rest of the code won't match it and we can safely through away a new thing that has been deprecated before it even got into production...

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