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0015360ScribusOS-Linuxpublic2018-06-18 00:32
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Product Version1.4.6 
Summary0015360: can not access files on samba file server
Descriptionin open/save under file menu, mounted remote filesystems are not visible

how can i open/save a file on a samba fileserver ?
Steps To Reproducetails 3.7.1 (debian) and mint 18.3
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duplicate of 0003096 assignedjghali Network shares unavailable on file open/save dialog 



2018-06-18 00:31

administrator   ~0045321

Duplicate of issue 0003096. This is basically a third-party issue with the Qt file dialog:


2018-06-18 00:32

administrator   ~0045322

Excerpt from :

"Open a console, run "mount" and see if your "connected servers" are listed there. If so, there will be paths listed alongside them where the "connected servers" have been mounted. In Unix there is no concept or "drives" or "servers", there is a coherent filesystem tree starting with the root (/). Mounted devices (be it local or remote) become parts of the tree. "

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