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0015370ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-07-07 15:17
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Versionbuster/sid
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015370: Clipping wrong on imported PDF
DescriptionThis actually occurs in 1.5.5svn r22563. I haven't tested on other versions.

This PDF was produced with tikz under LaTeX and contains two rectangles, the second of which is clipped to a path. However, when it is imported to Scribus, both rectangles are clipped.

LaTeX code for reference:

  \draw (0,0) rectangle (5,5);
  \clip (3,3) rectangle (6,6);
  \draw (4,4) rectangle (7,7);
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2018-07-07 03:03



2018-07-07 03:09

reporter   ~0045331

Actually, I notice the behaviour is different depending on whether I open the PDF directly (e.g., scribus scibus_clipping_bug.pdf) and if I import it via File→Import…->Get Vector File…

In the first case, both rectangles are clipped, but in the latter case, neither rectangle is clipped. Neither results in just one rectangle being clipped.


2018-07-07 15:17

reporter   ~0045332

Further to this, I notice there's a bunch of clipping issues. Clipping to complex paths doesn't work either. Perhaps this is a bigger issue of clipping support in Scribus.

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