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0015376ScribusTypographypublic2018-07-13 12:28
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Summary0015376: Text overflow change between two Scribus version
DescriptionI uploaded a sample file.

If I open the file in r22496 and r22589 (or later) , the text overflow is change.
I can't decide is this correct or incorrect behavior? I can't decide is this a fault?
The document is same, the font family is same... ...everything is the same, only operation system is different (r22496 -- Ubuntu 16.04; r22589 -- Ubuntu 18.04).

The document include a setting: PP -- Text Properties -- Advanced Settings -- Glyph Extension.
Seems, r22496 and r22589 (or later) treats this differently.

I didn't find any related changes to this change log:

And I did not get answer in the mailing list neither. :-(
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2018-07-10 12:59


scribus_22496.jpg (22,699 bytes)   
scribus_22496.jpg (22,699 bytes)   
scribus_22589.jpg (32,226 bytes)   
scribus_22589.jpg (32,226 bytes) (289,950 bytes)


2018-07-10 13:35

administrator   ~0045335

On Windows, with both 1.5.4 (r22484) and current trunk version (r22597), I get the overflow behavior. Given I have upgraded harfbuzz in the meantime, which is one of the component susceptible to cause a change of layout, my guess is that your system upgrade caused a change in font versions. Fonts are like softwares, they are versioned and the fact that two fonts have the same name is consequently not a guarantee they will behave the same.


2018-07-10 16:56

developer   ~0045336

Thank you Jean.

How can I check it, which version is used by the Scribus?
I don't find it in Scribus wiki, and the Scribus -- Help doesn't write.

Does setup of Scribus not install automatically the harfbuzz?


2018-07-10 17:18

administrator   ~0045337

On Windows, Scribus 1.5.4 uses harfbuzz 1.7.5. But I believe you misunderstood me, I believe harfbuzz is *not* the culprit. I believe the different of layout comes from a difference of font version.


2018-07-10 17:30

developer   ~0045338

"I believe you misunderstood me"
No, I understand.

"I believe the different of layout comes from a difference of font version. "
The font version is same (Roboto-Regular) and the document is same.

I found it:
Harfbuzz version in Ubuntu 16.04 == 1.0.1 (can't be updated!)
Harfbuzz version in Ubuntu 18.04 == 1.8.2 (latest)

"I believe harfbuzz is *not* the culprit"
Perhaps the culprit.


2018-07-10 17:41

administrator   ~0045339

Fyi I also tested harfbuzz 1.4.6. Harfbuzz 1.4.6 also produces the overflow.


2018-07-10 17:51

developer   ~0045340

I am in Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04), it uses harfbuzz 1.0.1.

Please try:
-- Open text_overflow.sla
-- Click second paragraph.
-- PP -- Advanced Settings -- Glyph Extension: you reduce the value with 1% (96% --> 95%)

Now the paragraph looks the same as in Ubuntu 16.04 (scribus r22496.jpg). The difference only 1%!


2018-07-10 17:53

administrator   ~0045341

Last edited: 2018-07-10 17:56

I tested the Roboto fonts distributed here:
And these versions of Roboto do not produce the overflow!!!!!

So you are indeed likely using different versions of Roboto fonts on your different systems. The version of Roboto-Regular in the archive you have uploaded is 1.10014. The version I have downloaded and which do not produce the overflow is 2.137. As I mentioned it, you should stop believing that two fonts are identical just because they have same name. As I proved it, using two different versions of the same font can produce vastly different result.


2018-07-10 18:19

developer   ~0045342

"So you are indeed likely using different versions of Roboto fonts on your different systems."
I use the same on both systems.
ubuntu_16_04.jpg (42,573 bytes)   
ubuntu_16_04.jpg (42,573 bytes)   
ubuntu_18_04.jpg (39,864 bytes)   
ubuntu_18_04.jpg (39,864 bytes)   


2018-07-10 18:29

administrator   ~0045343

With Roboto 2.137 I get exactly what shows your scribus_22496.jpg screenshots... except that i'm using latest trunk. So I maintain you are likely not using the font you believe you are using.


2018-07-12 16:51

administrator   ~0045345

I did another test in Ubuntu 17.04 which uses harfbuzz 1.4.2. The behavior is the same than the one I described on Windows: overflow with Roboto 1.100141, no overflow with Roboto 2.137.


2018-07-13 11:41

developer   ~0045346

Last edited: 2018-07-13 11:49

Me too did another test with Linux Libertine Regular font uses Ubuntu 18.04 harfbuzz 1.8.2 (latest) and Ubuntu 16.04 harfbuzz 1.0.1 (can't be updated!).
Linux Libertie O font family not been updated since 2012 ( The same problem: Text overflow change between two Scribus version.


2018-07-13 12:28

developer (785,667 bytes)
16_04_harfbuzz_101.png (153,730 bytes)   
16_04_harfbuzz_101.png (153,730 bytes)   
18_04_harbuzz_182.png (90,087 bytes)   
18_04_harbuzz_182.png (90,087 bytes)   

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