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0015382ScribusTranslationpublic2021-07-01 06:59
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Summary0015382: Change "da_DK" to "da" on Transifex
DescriptionI would like danish translation on Transifex ( to be changed from using "da_DK" to using "da".
For consistency with other translations so we have most/all with "da".
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2020-04-14 13:24

administrator   ~0047524

Please contact the current translator:
Danish (da)
Morten Langlo (

da_DK is translated separately from Transifex.


2021-06-05 13:34

reporter   ~0049158

The duplication should never have been approved in the first place. Same with es_ES, es_AR and es_MX: only “es” should exist.


2021-06-05 16:59

reporter   ~0049159

I have now written to the danish translator.

But it is not very clear how to translate Scribus looking at the website and why the translation is on Transifex but you write it is translated separately from Transifex. could be improve with links and information on how to translate etc.


2021-07-01 06:59

reporter   ~0049178

It's been about a month now and i did not hear from the "current" translator.
I don't see any problem in changing "da_DK" to "da" without hearing from this person first.

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