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0001540ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-01-05 01:02
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PlatformLinuxOSMandrakeOS Version10.1
Product Version1.3 
Summary0001540: Issue with stylesheet and emphasis like italic or bold fonts
DescriptionSay you have a text that includes some words in italic or bold.
You want to edit those emphasized words.

From within Scribus, there are 3 ways to do that.
1. You edit directly into the text frame
2. You use the Story Editor
3. You use the Search/Replace dialog

Also, there are 2 ways to format the text
1. Freely format text
2. Use stylesheet
The issue occurs while using the stylesheets.

Once you try to edit your emphasized text, you will discover that while using Story Editor and/or Search/Replace, all will be fine and the editing process really straight forward.

But when you edit directly in the text frame, which is lots more convenient for that kind of last-minute-editing, the new text retains the formatting of the style sheet no matter if you add a letter or type on a selected one.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a stylesheet, create a text frame, put some text in and apply the stylesheet.
2. Then, using any method, put a word in the boldface of the font, or any other font.
3. Once you're done, leave the text frame, get back to it, and try to edit that emphasized word. Any letter you type, in add or replace mode, will retain the original formatting of the stylesheet, not the font you used to emphasize.
Additional InformationThis has consequences in production.
It's time consuming to have to re-apply locally the proper formatting for such small editing tasks. Also, the other 2 methods that work have drawbacks : Story Editor is not wysiwyg (and I don't say it should be) and you typically need wysiwyg here or some way of finding rapidly where that misspelled word is. The other possible method is the Search/Replace dialog but although being a useful feature, it's not efficient in all situations.
In the end, the most intuitive way cannot be used efficiently.
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2005-04-08 07:19

viewer   ~0004153

would be nice to see if this can be fixed in 1.2.2


2005-04-16 13:16

viewer   ~0004264

Louis, Can you post a simple test case to look at this ? Thanks...

2005-04-16 17:36


bug1540.png (81,181 bytes)   
bug1540.png (81,181 bytes)   

2005-04-16 17:36


bug1540.sla (11,077 bytes)


2005-04-16 17:37

developer   ~0004274

Last edited: 2005-04-16 17:38

Here you are! Just uploaded example files.


2005-05-06 20:33

viewer   ~0004522

I agree, this is an annoyance. However, fixing it will require the new file format stuff in 1.3/1.4.

Thanks for the good test case file. It realy helps to understand the issue.


2012-01-05 01:02

viewer   ~0027457

Is this still an issue in 1.4 ?

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