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0015421ScribusStylespublic2018-09-09 16:20
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015421: Drop-caps style is not removed after paragraph style change
DescriptionPlease take a look at screen cast. Tekst-Lead style doesn't contain drop-caps but still first paragraph letter keeps character style assigned by previously applied Tekst DropCaps style. I have manually applied No Style character style to first letter to clean this up.
Tell me if you need sample sla, I'll prepare cleaned up version and share.
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2018-09-08 07:56


drop_caps_character_style.gif (653,504 bytes)   
drop_caps_character_style.gif (653,504 bytes)   


2018-09-09 08:33

developer   ~0045448

The CharStyle is stronger than ParagraphStyle.
You set it up: Style Manager -- Paragraph Style -- Paragraph Effect -- Character Style for Effect (let it be same than in 0_Tekst_drop_caps paragraph style).
In this case no problem.
output.gif (798,532 bytes)   
output.gif (798,532 bytes)   


2018-09-09 08:39

developer (214,385 bytes)


2018-09-09 16:20

reporter   ~0045450

Ok, I see your point and this is also not a problem to clean this up using "No Style", but I have had re-formatted only first paragraph directly on text not on frame after formatting with drop caps to get part of text from linked frames formatted. Problem is, that after reformatting text with other paragraph style without drop-caps, character style is retained from previous formatting containing drop-caps style. Drop caps character style is applied to first paragraph letters directly but it it not cleaned when paragraph style is not containing any drop caps style. You have to remember to clean it using "No style" and this way you can loose all formatting you have made on text.

It should work like this:
- drop caps character style is applied when paragraph style contain this - ok this works
- drop caps character style is cleaned ("No style" applied) when paragraph style doesn't contain it - this is missing

However I can see limitation of this solution: what to do when in the meantime you have applied something like "italics" for citation or other style directly to text? Working on paragraph styles without any drop-caps style would lead to cleaning character styles applied to text. Maybe checking if there's style applied to first characters only would work or comparing first and second letter? Not sure.
This leads me to conclusion that applying character style directly to text may not always work and this character style should be applied "on the fly". Actually I use style for drop caps only due to this limitation:
Maybe it's worth to add this as related.

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