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0007006ScribusTypographypublic2019-06-04 20:56
Reporteruser2155Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.3.5svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0007006: Drop Cap little too large causing text baseline misalignment
DescriptionDrop Cap is little to big in scribus. This causes missalignment of text baselijnes in two column layout. Drop Cap's cap line should be on the height of first text row cap line and now it's higher.
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has duplicate 0004830 closedavox Problem with vertical text alignment when using first letter capitalized in coloumn layout 
has duplicate 0014719 closedjghali Drop cap letter too large 


2008-05-06 05:53


scribus1.3.5.jpg (308,254 bytes)   
scribus1.3.5.jpg (308,254 bytes)   


2008-11-15 20:47


Setting first line ascent to "font ascent" seems to resolve the problem. At least in column layout.


2016-05-24 13:26



2016-05-24 13:26


dropcap-issues.sla (15,017 bytes)


2018-09-08 07:35

reporter   ~0045447

There's workaround for this: define character style for drop caps and reduce letter width and height by same amount there. 85% works flawlessly for me. It's also possible to adjust vertical position, so all controls are possible. But still default drop-caps letter size should be smaller.


2018-09-11 18:32

administrator   ~0045455

The method for computing drop cap size has been changed so that adding/removing a drop cap to a paragraph will not modify the text baseline anymore. Due to how default first line offset works, it is however still best for multi-column layout to use "font ascent" as first line offset.


2018-09-17 13:27

reporter   ~0045466

Drop caps style is always assigned, even if I use NoStyle it's switched into Default. Qestion here: is it possible to allow NoStyle, so just paragraph style is used do drop caps and no character style is assigned to drop caps character?

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