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0015464ScribusGeneralpublic2019-12-08 21:24
ReporterGibbz Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.4 
Fixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015464: Scale multiple objects doesnt play nice with undo
DescriptionIf I select a bunch of text frames and scale them it works.
If i press the undo button, they all go in random directions across my document, and so I need to reload the document.

This is a pretty brutal bug as it affects something commonly used.
Steps To Reproduceas above

select multiple text frames (grouped or ungrouped)
apply a scale
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2018-10-29 05:13

updater   ~0045548

unable to reproduce here. (scribus1.5.4 and 1.5.5svn-r22736 on macOS) – could you share an affected .sla file?


2018-10-29 07:29

reporter   ~0045550

Yes, ill have to do that Wednesday for you. I have the file at work.


2018-10-29 08:47

manager   ~0045551

hi gibbz, you really need to provide steps for replicating this : - )

but yes, tracking undo issues is not easy and -- sadly -- they sometimes still happens in scribus...


2018-10-30 22:31

reporter   ~0045552

Well Ive got in to work today and cannot reproduce the problem...
I wonder if its an issue that occurs when the system memory is full?

I will keep experimenting today and see if it starts to happen again as it seems to occur towards the end of the day mostly.


2019-10-30 03:50

reporter   ~0046877

Okay finally got around to making a sample file for this issues. It looks like there is also an issue with scaling text and vector shapes.
It seems that grouping objects before scaling, then un-grouping helps resolve many issues, but not all of them....


2019-10-30 03:53

reporter   ~0046878

ops file was to large! added 7zip version
2019-10 Scale Issues.7z (163,138 bytes)


2019-10-30 03:56

reporter   ~0046879

I should also add, the scaling issues with scribus is a very frustrating issue.
One that occurs in every document I work on. I'd love to see some fixes :)


2019-10-30 04:40

updater   ~0046880

i still need the steps to reproduce the issue with your test file.
…i just tested scaling by moving a handle of the selection frame and scaling via 'object' → 'transform' – undo works well in general. (no strange moving of the frames)

but there is an issue when i press the 'alt' key while scaling to also scale the content. in this case the text size doesn't revert to its original size in the 'undo' step.
(tested with scribus 1.5.5 and 1.5.6-r23195 on macOS 10.14.6)


2019-10-30 05:36

reporter   ~0046881

Attached a gif, are you seeing the same thing when scaling/undo scale?
sample.gif (128,119 bytes)   
sample.gif (128,119 bytes)   


2019-10-30 16:11

updater   ~0046882

ok. in scribus 1.5.5 i see the same behavior. but in scribus 1.5.6-r23195 the qr code will be scaled (and rescaled in the undo operation…) – it looks as this part has been resolved sometime before 1.5.6-r23195.

but this is not what you described in the original report! is there some 'random distribution of text frames' somewhere in the scale-and-redo process?


2019-10-30 20:26

manager   ~0046883

jean did several fixes related to rotated items lately...


2019-10-31 21:35

reporter   ~0046890

Sure, its not exactly the same bug, but its doing the same thing in an easily reproducible way.

Does the text also scale correctly on 1.5.6? And the other examples in the file?

Attached more gif's
sample3.gif (98,506 bytes)   
sample3.gif (98,506 bytes)   
sample2.gif (551,935 bytes)   
sample2.gif (551,935 bytes)   


2019-11-01 11:37

updater   ~0046895

- what i see in 'sample3.gif' is expected behaviour (the text keeps its size of 16 pt, as long as you don't press the 'alt' key).
- the issue in 'sample3.gif' looks to be resolved. in scribus 1.5.6 all the objects will be scaled (and undone) as expected. (the object with three points is a text frame. its content wont be scaled…)

what remains is the problem with rescaling of the text when it was scaled with the 'alt' key…

…but all this stuff isn't connected to the description of this bug report.


2019-11-04 00:25

reporter   ~0046948

Well, i'm happy to assume the undo issue is related, and has been fixed.
Please close this bug :)



2019-11-04 00:39

administrator   ~0046949


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