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0000155ScribusGeneralpublic2004-01-15 22:29
Reporterestebandido Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000155: menu confusion: styles
DescriptionWhy is there a "Styles..." option on the Edit menu when there is a Style menu? Why does the Style menu have a "Style" option? (Also: why is the "Color" option a drop-down menu?)
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2004-01-14 11:33

administrator   ~0000214

Color is a drop down menu because with all the new colours to choose from, it the best way to show it, otherwise the screen fills with all the colours!


2004-01-14 16:30

updater   ~0000219

But having a drop-down menu on an application menu is disconcerting, and certainly no more efficient than a normal menu (an additional click). Besides, doesn't the drop-down fill the screen the same way a normal heirarchical menu would? Perhaps this should break off into a dialog box. Alternately, the basic colors could be the first heirarchical menu, and the new colors a second one.


2004-01-14 17:05

administrator   ~0000221

The problem is we wanted to allow selection from multiple colour sets at the same time.. anyway.. can discuss with Franz.
The problem with a normal menu is that it fills the screen as there are well over a hundred menu entries to be added, one for each colour.


2004-01-15 10:32

administrator   ~0000229

Reopened as I have sent further patch to Franz for Styles/Effects change.


2004-01-15 22:24

administrator   ~0000234

Applied Craig's patch


2004-01-15 22:29

administrator   ~0000235

Tested. Fixed.

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