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0015572ScribusGuidespublic2019-02-13 13:09
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Summary0015572: changing the guides "column / row" in the master page does not change them in the pages where the MP is applied
Descriptionchanging the guides "column / row" in the master page does not change them in the pages where the MP is applied
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2019-02-11 07:02

reporter   ~0045889

Hmm should master pages. Guides appear elsewhere? In most application guides are a global configuration. You can only have one set of guides at any time. In Scribus guides are per page so it's seems like it is global to a page - only one set of guides per page. Since a master page is a building block for a regular page. Should guides also be replicated. This may cause trouble for the end user. It may be better to provide a snapping feature and allow snapping of guides to master page/other applied page objects in a page. This however if not already implemented is a feature request and out of the scope of this report.


2019-02-12 02:44

reporter   ~0045891

On second thoughts it may be good to have the guides copied over from the master page. The end user can always remove what he does not want later.


2019-02-12 14:52

manager   ~0045892

imo, automatically copying the master page guides into the page is an error.

the guides that are defined in the master page, should not be editable in the page.

not because this would not be nice to have, but because it's much more important to me, to to move the guides in the MP and see the new guides in all pages that are based on that MP (since we cannot automatically move all items... at least let's get the guides to move!)

being able to "detach" the guides from the MP might be a better idea...
a specific page would then have the option to use the MP guides or not...


2019-02-13 02:42

reporter   ~0045895

I did not understand you. Do you mean that there will be 2 layers of guides. One set of locked guides which come straight from the master page (non editable but detachable for editing) and another layer/set of guides which the user adds which are local to the page. Detaching the master page guides set will make all one local guide layer/set. I was discussing the concept of named guide layers on the Inkscape channel once. It is a special layer type which holds only guides. E.g. you can have one set of layer guides to position graphics one set of layer guides for dividers etc. But that is something different all together.


2019-02-13 13:09

manager   ~0045897

well, not really two layers of them. but those which are defined on the MP should only be editable on the master page.

there should be ownership of guides, rather than layers.

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