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0015574ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-02-28 09:47
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015574: Add "Save a copy" and "rename document" menu items to the file menu
DescriptionIt is convinenet to have a "save a copy" menu item in Scribus. The behaviour is very similar to "Save As" except that the current document is not switched to the saved as document.

E.g. user is working on "a.sla" if the user uses "save a copy" a copy of the document is saved with the user specified name but the user still works on "a.sla"

The "rename document/file" feature should be able to rename the currently open document in the filesystem. E.g. if the user is working on "a.sla" he can rename the document to "b.sla" then the filename is update within Scribus and the filesystem but we are sure we are working on the currently open file itself.
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Robby A

2019-02-11 10:47

reporter   ~0045890

It would be nice also to have a button for Save As..
Even nicer would be configurable buttons as we have in OpenOffice!


2019-02-12 14:55

manager   ~0045893

please, no new buttons for "trivial" and rare tasks! really...

"saving as a copy"...
i don't know, in other programs i find this command mildly useful...
in scribus i almost never had a need for it.

as far as i know, scribus does not care if the document is open or not, so you can simply open a file manager and create there a copy of your .sla, even if it is currently open. (not 100% it will work on windows... you have to check. but this will work in linus and mac os)


2019-02-13 02:36

reporter   ~0045894

ale I agree that on linux Scribus or any app for that matter need not/does not care. But the Windows OS does. Also its an extra step having to move out of Scribus simply to do these actions. The Windows OS will not allow you to rename/delete a file if its open in another app. For a simple rename I think letting Scribus do it internally is nice. Also if/once your searchable action menu gets in trunk - having rename is easily navigable. On Linux only the inode matters in the end to the applications. Not the name. You can even delete a file sometimes and if the app knows the inode number recover it later. But Scribus is a cross platform application.

Robby A

2019-02-14 11:10

reporter   ~0045900

With respect, ale, since it's easy to save under an existing name by simply closing Scribus and accepting the "document changed, save it?" option or by using the Ctrl-S hotkey (I presume that other OSs than Windows have such provisions) , easy saving under a different name is actually more useful. I know that Ctrl-Shift-S does the job, but there is a limit to the number of hotkey combinations that can be remembered for all the different applications some of us use!


2019-02-16 09:36

reporter   ~0045906

I never mentioned that there needs to be a keyboard shortcut for these. I am sure that a rename operation is a less frequent operation also usually a "save a copy" feature is handy when you want to make a backup of an SLA when you know you'll be making destructive changes. These 2 operations can reside in the file menu but do not need a shortcut. Also if ale's feature gets into trunk it would just be a matter of typing "Re" to find "Rename file". This sort of saves me the trouble of having to leave Scribus and open an explorer/dolphin etc. window, navigate to the folder just to do a rename. On linux I use a drop down shell a lot do these renames etc. to avoid opening a file manager window.


2019-02-20 08:14

manager   ~0045907

i still think that renaming and copying files is better handled by a file manager.

what about opening a ticket at microsoft? : - )


2019-02-28 09:40

reporter   ~0045934

ale its ok if you don't want to do/add it. Its just a lot more convenient not to have to open explorer all the time and click through repeatedly.


2019-02-28 09:43

reporter   ~0045935

Probably I may write 2 py scripts with the scripter which implements this functionality and use action search with that if that is the only solution. There is scribus.saveDoc() and scribus.saveDocAs().


2019-02-28 09:45

reporter   ~0045936

Oh no - there is no scripter API function which tells me the file path of the currently open and active doc. (:


2019-02-28 09:47

reporter   ~0045937

I stand corrected there is scribus.getDocName() so yes its feasible with py scripts.

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