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0015613ScribusProperties Palettepublic2019-10-13 10:26
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version18.04
Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015613: width of labels for image scaling
DescriptionThe input zones for Image pane of Property Palette are not optimized.

- labels have a very wide space and cannot be displayed smaller
- Input zones are very wide with plenty of unused space : 60 to 80% of input space is empty most of the time
- Input zones cannot be displayed smaller.

As a consequence, "keep XY ratio / dont keep" control is pushed far far right, and PP has to be very very wide for it to be seen.
When PP is not wide enough, this control is out of sight and out of reach.
When PP is not wide enough, because there are allready several other opened edit windows or tools dialogs,
and because for all other inputs, it's enough to have a much smaller PP,
then user first has to make PP wider so as to be able to reach

Request is
- have smaller inputs, whose width maximum content
- have "Keep XY scale ratio" LEFT of scale values input, so uselessly-wide inputs arent a problem.
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2019-03-23 16:33

developer   ~0046036

Last edited: 2019-03-23 16:34

Screenshot with minimum PP width enabling access to XYscale ratio controls.
See empty space in inputs.


2019-03-24 22:06

administrator   ~0046039

Last edited: 2019-03-24 22:10

We do not control directly widget size, this is Qt which does most of the work. The input spinboxes have already their size policy set to QSizePolicy::Minimum: which means:
"The sizeHint() is minimal, and sufficient. The widget can be expanded, but there is no advantage to it being larger (e.g. the horizontal direction of a push button). It cannot be smaller than the size provided by sizeHint()."

So if those widgets are displayed with a large width on your computer, this is not because they are large by themselves, but because something else allows them to grow in size and I suspect the color profile combo to be the real issue.

Note also that the widget size has to accommodate the width needed for the minimum and maximum values a user can enter. And for aesthetic reasons, it is not possible to size the widgets using only their content because in such case each widget will have a different size, will not align nicely, hence making the dialog ugly.


2019-03-25 08:08

manager   ~0046040

hi jean, you're probably technically right... but scribus has indeed the bad habit of forcing a too wide properties palette... or even just automatically resize the palette to unpractical widths.

it would be nice if somebody could collect which fields are producing this and how to limit the growth without making the fields useless.


2019-03-25 10:07

developer   ~0046041

Last edited: 2019-03-30 06:39

Thanks jghali for providing this extensive answer.
I dont think you adressed one of my proposition in your answer :
The worst issue with this uselessly-wide inputs is when having to reach the "keep XY scale ratio" controls which are on the far right of the inputs. Because then, i have to adjust the PP width to make it much wider. For all other uses, PP can be small width and only left part of inputs are displayed but this doesnt prevent to use them.

That's why I proposed a practical solution: to have the "Keep XY scale ratio" controls LEFT of the scale values input. With such a position, the uselessly-wide inputs wouldnt a problem anymore (except "esthaeticaly", which is not so bad as "practicaly").

Is this a possible controls layout ?


2019-04-07 13:57

administrator   ~0046082

>> That's why I proposed a practical solution: to have the "Keep XY scale ratio" controls LEFT of the scale values input.

Except that won't work. You should have noticed that the width of the string shown in that control is much shorter than the width of the scale input fields. So this is not that control which lets the scale input fields grow in size. As already mentioned in my previous response, the widget which has the biggest needs for size is the color profile combo box. I can reduce a bit the need for size of that widget if we accept that some of the profile descriptions will be elided when user reduce the property palette width.


2019-04-07 15:01

developer   ~0046084

jghali I dont understand your answer .
It could be you didnt understand my post neither so i upload a sketch of the proposed change "scribus move ration controls.png"


2019-04-10 20:51

administrator   ~0046109

There was indeed some misunderstanding. However I don't like that solution:
1) it is a workaround and does not fix the real problem
2) it is ugly

I've committed a patch (r22932) which reduce the image tab need for width when color management is enabled. Please test.


2019-10-13 09:59

developer   ~0046771

I dont know what has changed. I can't say it improves.

The "chain" button (for "keep or dont keep ratio" feature) is still far right and disappears first when trying to make palette less wide.

Could it be it's related with the lenghty ICC named "Compatible with Adobe RGB (1998)" and other such lenghty ICC names ?


2019-10-13 10:18

developer   ~0046772

Last edited: 2019-10-13 10:23

Same access issue happens with other buttons that are far right in the palette. For example the shape change button. (related : 0015850)


2019-10-13 10:26

developer   ~0046773

jghali : it's strange that you find it's ugly to have chain buttons on the left of inputs rather than on the right. Maybe it is a matter of habit, but not of absolute beauty if such exists.

And even when these were not as nice, i like it better to be able to see existing buttons so i can access them.

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