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0015617ScribusScripterpublic2020-09-14 12:59
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Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015617: custom buttons and shortcut for scripts
DescriptionIt would be absolutely nice to have the possibility to set shortcuts to scripts. I am working a lot with scripts, and it is really time consuming to open them every time via the menu.

Even better, to assign custom buttons in the gui to specific scripts. So everybody can build his own scribus for his own needs! :)

As a example, in Ardour, there are 8 custome buttons one can assigne to scripts. This is really really efficient for some automated tasks.

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2019-03-29 10:39

manager   ~0046051

the patches in 0015579 with 0015552 might be a solution to your issue, but only god knows if and when they will be merged.

for the time being you can apply them yourself to the code and compile scribus with them...


2020-06-09 10:26

developer   ~0047683

It'd be nice to be able to use keyboard shortcuts for scripts
- also buttons but that looks less likely to happen


2020-06-10 06:58

manager   ~0047685

jluc, have you tried the patch i've proposed?

it will allow you to use the keyboard to run scripts.

try it, comment on it...


2020-06-10 09:54

developer   ~0047686

Last edited: 2020-06-11 09:20

Sorry ale but i dont compile scribus anymore since i felt it wasnt of any use.
However for future references, i guess you mean this patch : ?
I've not read the details of the full thread but i understand it proposes new menu entries for choosen user scripts. If that is the case i feel it wouldnt be such a big improvement in my personnal usecase because i only use one script as for now and find it in the recent script entries :-)


2020-06-10 17:16

reporter   ~0047687

I still would LOVE to have this merged in Scribus! any chance this is going to happen?
Usually if I need to automate something, I just write a script. Sometimes they are just doing a really simple job, which I'd like to apply many times. Like this:
Thus, having Shortcuts on Scripts, as well as a dedicated menu, would be really really handy!


2020-06-10 18:39

manager   ~0047688

sorry, jluc, but if nobody does the testing anymore, then chances of getting things into scribus become even smaller.

and the advantage of the linked patch is that you could then start the script with the ctrl-/ actions launcher.

if you script is in the recent ones, you can already use the actions launcher to start it by typing a few letters in its name.


2020-06-10 18:40

manager   ~0047689

@sonejostudios: cool script!


2020-06-11 08:57

developer   ~0047690

Last edited: 2020-09-14 09:22

True. Scribus now features your "action search" and that's cool.
I've tried all keyboard letters and found out that they allmost all deliver several results as possible actions : that's OK when you look for some lost feature, but not OK for a shortcut because it requires searching and-or scrolling down the menu.

Howover, I found out that the ' ² ' key is free : no action has a ² in its name.
Since this glyph doesnt require SHIFT, ALT or CTRL to be typed on a french keyboard, i choosed it as a "my scripts" control key. (Would you have another such handy key proposal ?...)

So i renamed my script with ² in its name, and now i can quickly call this script : CTRL+SHIFT+/ then ² then ENTER
In case i have more scripts to use frequently, i'll add ² in their name also, and i'll have to scroll down the menu, which is not tooooo bad when its restricted to "my scripts" list.


2020-06-12 11:35

developer   ~0047691

Last edited: 2020-09-14 12:59

ale: you write « if nobody does the testing anymore, then chances of getting things into scribus become even smaller. ».
AFAIK the core devs haven't expressed interest or needs or preferences on what simple users could test and how to proceed to have best chances to get test feedbacks looked at or proposals merged.
Generaly speaking, the core devs have so scarce a communication that it requires psychic skills to guess what will match their interest and have a chance of being looked at. My personal behaviour-analysis organic-neuron-network could decipher 2 patterns : crash bugs get fixed quickly when reproducible, and PDF related issue seem a hot topic. No more.
AFAIK you have met them IRL and talked about your quite big new sets of code but most of your proposals are still stuck and there is no clear feedback.
Alltogether this doesnt set a frame fit for compiling, testing and feedbacking. IMO It rather favours silent download and use. Hence i wont go again into compiling. I still post tickets ; just in case it triggers something nice today or in 10 years. And because i feel slightly better when the ticket is posted. (Is that prayer effect ?)

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