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0001562ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2010-11-04 16:31
Reporterlouisdesjardins Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSMandrakeOS Version10.1
Product Version1.3 
Target Version1.5.0Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0001562: "Scale to frame size" locks the image in the frame: no more free positionning
DescriptionWhen the option "Scale to frame size" is checked, there is no way to freely and simply move the image around within its frame.

What I understand (and I agree!) is the proportions have to be fixed to that image frame because this is the purpose of this option. But I think preventing users from *moving* the image *at that scale* into the image frame is a bit restrictive.
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related to 0000052 closedchristoph_s Image Position values are reset to 0 sometimes, possibly on loading. 
related to 0005662 acknowledged Positioning of image within image frames. 



2005-04-07 21:32

viewer   ~0004137

moving to 1.2.2.. fixable ?


2005-04-10 18:17

viewer   ~0004223

Last edited: 2005-04-10 18:18

I played with this a bit and the current behaviour seems sane to me. If I scale an image to a frame, I want the image locked to that frame.

The workaround if you will is trivial. Switch back to free scaling and the image can be moved within a frame. Scribus is 'well-behaved' in that it does not adjust the scaling any further - unless - you explicitly change it.

I certainly would put this as a feature request, not a bug honestly..At this point, I cannot recommend a change to current stable 1.2.2cvs. I am open to be persauded, as always.

Bumping to 1.3 as a feature.


2005-04-11 15:37

administrator   ~0004230

Disagree. Scale to frame size means just that, does not relate to positioning within the frame.


2006-01-28 14:29

developer   ~0008439

what about automatically switching to free scaling if user requests to move the picture?


2006-04-15 17:45

developer   ~0010011

Reminder sent to: cbradney, plinnell

cbradney, plinell: "acknowledged" or "won't fix"?


2006-04-29 20:29

administrator   ~0010636

jo-hannes' idea makes the most sense to me.


2006-04-30 03:57

reporter   ~0010671

spot on


2006-04-30 08:59

administrator   ~0010677

I'm still of the opinion that theres free scaling/scaled to frame size and that whether its locked to the frame's origin is a separate matter and this restriction just shouldn't be there.


2006-04-30 11:00

developer   ~0010693

Exactly. We don't expect something to be locked unless we locked it.


2006-06-04 15:18

reporter   ~0011571

yes, i completely agree.

me (and my girlfriend, too) think that the image frame misses one important option:

to scale/crop/move an image _inside_ the frame and then being able to scale that frame as itself by dragging it`s borders - with the contents then resizing appropriate (proportional or not proportional)

there is no easy way to do this now - typically you need to rework that image in an external program (gimp or whatelse)

the current behaviour seems a little bit too restrictive - sort of "all or nothing". If i set "scale to frame size" it always refers to the complete image.


2006-06-04 23:56

reporter   ~0011574

Scribus already crops by the way..


2006-06-05 00:10

reporter   ~0011575

Last edited: 2006-06-05 00:11

you mean you select properties->edit shape->move-nodes?

yes, we can crop with that - but did you ever try to resize that cropped image then?

with "free scaling", the frame and the shape scales, but not the image inside.
with "scale to frame" the _whole_ image will always be "refitted" automatically to the frame.
what is missing here is some "lock/unlock" option.


2006-06-05 00:24

reporter   ~0011576

No, just move the resize handles


2010-02-16 16:54

developer   ~0023301

Reminder on the road to 1.4 (please also let me know if this is ok to remind!)


2010-02-20 22:32

viewer   ~0023363

This is an old bug which shold get resolved one way or another.

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