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0015634ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-06-23 05:26
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version18.04.2
Product Version1.5.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015634: Adjusting frame height to text hides last line
DescriptionIf the last line in text frame doesn't contain a character which have descent distance (like p,g,y), then the last line is hidden bellow the bottom line of text frame. See attached video for more informations.
Steps To Reproduce- Open scribus
- Create text frame and add some text to it
- Try to remove all characters which have descent distance from last line
- Right clic the text frame and select Adjust Frame Height to Text
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duplicate of 0015153 confirmed "Adjust Frame Height to Text" does not always work 



2019-04-05 12:12


simplescreenrecorder-2019-04-05_13.10.18.mp4 (1,040,922 bytes)


2020-06-01 12:13

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