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0015652ScribusGuidespublic2019-04-24 07:12
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Summary0015652: Grid spacing X and Y
DescriptionHello Everybody,
it would be really nice to set up Grid Spacing in both directions (X and Y) separately.

Major Grid Spacing X:
Major Grid Spacing Y

For Minor Grid Spacing, set a subset of Major Grid Spacing:

Minor Grid Spacing : Major/x (set up x)

Use case: Having a page with special dimentions (e.g A4), the original grid is not useful, because it doesn't respect the x-y aspect ratio. Having the possibility to set up X and Y Grid Spacing makes the Grid useful for such page dimentions.
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2019-04-23 15:46

manager   ~0046149

imo, there are very few cases where the grid makes sense in page layout.

i think that you'd better create a typographic grid, by using the "rows and columns" tab in the guide manager.
a bit more of work, that most of the time leads to a better result in print.

when i look at all the tutorials on youtube that use the grid, i think that we would make a great favor to the beginners, if we would completely remove the grid.

p.s.: currently, the only case where i would use a grid, is when i edit a shape's nodes... but nodes do not snap to anything in scribus...


2019-04-23 21:59

reporter   ~0046152

hey ale,

I didn't know about the typographic grid, this is amazing! The only thing I miss from the Grid is the shortcut "#" to view/hide the grid and that it looks different than the guides. Maybe it would be possible to combine both?

thank you for the hint!


2019-04-24 07:12

manager   ~0046154

personally, i would suggest to move the # away from the grid and use it for the guides.

but you can always define your own shortcuts in preferences > shortcuts...

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