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0015689ScribusCanvaspublic2021-11-17 22:57
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PlatformMacOSXOS Version10.11.6
Product Version1.5.4 
Summary0015689: Jumping page after scroll to bottom of page
DescriptionWhen scrolling the page to the bottom, the page "jumps" down after 1 second by itself, hiding the last portion of the page. This happens in all zoom values. IMO, it seems to jump by a fixed pixel value.
Enlarging the "Scratch space" in the preferences helps to see all of page, but the "jumping" effect is still annoying.
(see screenshot)
Steps To Reproduce- Open a page (at 100% zoom)
- scroll to the bottom of page
- after one second the page "jumps" down by itself



2019-05-17 14:54


scroll-jump.png (64,183 bytes)   
scroll-jump.png (64,183 bytes)   


2019-05-17 18:06

updater   ~0046230

i can confirm the strange jump (downwards and to the right side) as long as i scroll on the working space (with two fingers on the trackpad) - but not when i use the scrollbars.
(macOS 10.14.4, scribus 1.5.4 and 1.5.5-r22872)


2021-11-17 22:54

reporter   ~0049365

This is still an issue in the current version (Scribus 1.5.7, macOS 10.15.7). As noted by utnik, the problem does not occur when using the scrollbars. However, this is not a viable workaround because the scrollbars are hidden except when scrolling with the trackpad. The scrollbars disappear within a second or less after trackpad scrolling stops, making it almost impossible to use the scrollbars.


2021-11-17 22:57

reporter   ~0049366

A viable workaround is to enable the hand tool by pressing the space bar, which also does not exhibit this bounce-back problem.

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