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0015706ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-06-05 06:48
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version18.04
Product Version1.4.7 
Summary0015706: Graphical artifact on polygon contour
DescriptionI noticed a graphical artifact in some polygons perimeter. By artifact, I mean that, even if the path is continuous, the graphical line is broken (non-continuous). The strange thing is that this artifact depends on the zoom level and is even present in the exported PDF.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a bezier curve, convert the curve into a polygon, convert the polygon into a text frame, increase the size of the contour line. Maybe the artifact occurs only when the contour is very close to the page border.
Additional InformationI have attached a minimal .sla file and the relative .pdf file where the issue appears.
Tagsbezier, lines, linux, ubuntu



2019-06-05 02:28


test.pdf (2,157 bytes)
test.sla (20,140 bytes)


2019-06-05 03:43

updater   ~0046274

i see some strange rendering on screen in the .sla file. (see attachment)
the .pdf looks ok.
scribus_render.png (57,966 bytes)   
scribus_render.png (57,966 bytes)   


2019-06-05 03:46

reporter   ~0046275

Sometimes the strange rendering can be seen in the PDF file too. You can take a look at this forum discussion for further detail:,3322.0.html


2019-06-05 06:40

manager   ~0046276

i saw the artifacts in the pdf, too...

it would be interesting to know if it also shows up in print too...


2019-06-05 06:47

developer   ~0046277

This SLA file behaves wildly in scribus : the vertical lines at the right and at the left.
No crash but depending on zoom, visible line length changes + line get cut with moving chisel or rounded ends.
This is all the more visible since the lines have a 1cm width.
With 1mm width some strange phenomenon still happen but much less visible.


2019-06-05 06:48


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