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0015784ScribusImport / Exportpublic2019-12-08 21:24
Reporterfenugrec Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015784: imported SVG containing text not rendered properly
DescriptionTested on a few versions including 1.5.5 build ID C--T-F-C1.17.3-64bit (Arch linux).
SVG is generated by kicad; most simple graphical elements seem to render OK but text appears mangled. Looks like start / end points of each letter are connected ?
Steps To Reproduce- Create new document
- drag+drop attached sample.svg
- resize / zoom, text looks like attached screenshot (sample.png). Should look like regular letters "SN".



2019-08-22 06:45


sample.svg (1,560 bytes)
sample.png (3,024 bytes)
sample.png (3,024 bytes)


2019-08-22 06:48

manager   ~0046511

i can confirm the bug with a rather recent build... (outlining text does work... so that's not the issue...)

inkscape can (i guess) correctly render the file.

firefox shows nothing.


2019-08-22 10:56

updater   ~0046513

this is a common problem with filled open paths. i saw this with other software too (can't remember wich one…)
if you set the fill color to 'none', everything works as expected.

…an firefox shows the graphic but it's really small. (from the .xml tree: width="0.67564cm" height="0.45974cm")


2019-08-22 13:26

manager   ~0046514

mmm, indeed.
i expexted the S and N to be strokes, not a bath with a very thick line.


2019-08-22 15:59

reporter   ~0046515

In my case, actual file had many different fills, so as a workaround I hand-modified the .svg file to replace the offending "fill:0008484" with "fill:#ffffff". Annoying, but workable...


2019-08-23 10:50

developer   ~0046523

Tested in Linux Mint 19.1; r23151

I can't reproduce anymore. Works well.

SN_svg.jpg (11,828 bytes)
SN_svg.jpg (11,828 bytes)

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