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0015807ScribusScrapbookpublic2022-06-30 09:43
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015807: better interface to the symbols (scrapbook)
Descriptioncurrently if you want to create a symbol you have to:

- create the base items (and group them)
- send them to the "patterns"
- delete the original items
- open the "symbols" window
- drag and drop "each" symbol on the page (double clicking does not insert it at the original place)

i'd like:

- that patterns and symbols to be completely separated for the user (even if they share code behind the scene)
- if possible integrate the symbols in the scrapbook UI (as synced scrapbook items)
- not to use the name "symbols" for that ("synced scrapbook items" is a possible name)
- replace the original item with a copy of the symbol when creating the symbol.
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related to 0011357 new Improve Symbols Dialog 


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