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Summary0011357: Improve Symbols Dialog
DescriptionThe Symbols dialog could be structured like the Scrapbook dialog, with options to to save and load symbol sets, as well as creating new ones. If someday Scribus can import symbol sets for Illustrator (special eps and ai files), these could be loaded via the Open option in the Symbols dialog. For Scribus symbol sets, we could use something like SCE or Scribus objects.

Christoph writes in duplicate merged ticket 0011377
"Symbols" is a wonderful feature, but it needs some usability and feature improvements. Looking at Illustrator, from which the feature, as well as the name seem to have been derived, it is possible to "break" the link of an item to the Symbols library. Scribus should either provide this feature or another way to convert it to a normal item.

Users should also be able to delete Symbols from the library without having to open the Fills dialog (see: Scrapbook).

With the Symbols dialog open in Illustrator, it's also very easy to add a new item to the library: select item and click the "New Symbol" button. Done! (I don't think the choice of "New Symbol" is a good one, though; I'd prefer a more telling description of the operation).
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related to 0012792 assignedfschmid Support for Illustrator resources (ex. gradients and symbols) 
has duplicate 0011377 closed Improvements to Symbol Library dialog 
related to 0011353 closedfschmid Symbols handling is completely unintuitive 



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