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0011353ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-14 18:51
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tofschmid  
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Summary0011353: Symbols handling is completely unintuitive
DescriptionThere's not a single indicator in the UI that gives a clue as to how to create a symbol (or at least what a symbol is). By experimenting I found out that one creates a symbol by right-dragging an item into the Symbols dialog, but while this could be described in a document in the Help Browser, it's less than optimal from a worklflow perspective. Firs, the Symbols dialog has to be open to create a symbol, and second, it's possible that a user wants to create a symbol from an existing item, which itself is not intended to become a symbol.

A solution could be to handle Symbols similar to Scrapbook items:

1) Add two entries to the Context Menu:

-- "Convert to --> Symbol" (Subentry): This would convert the current item into a symbol and automatically add it the Symbols dialog.

-- "Send to Symbols": This would add a copy of the selected item to the symbols without converting the item itself.

2) The same entries would have to be added to the Items menu.

3) The Symbols dialog could be structured like the Scrapbook dialog, with options to to save and load symbol sets, as well as creating new ones. If someday Scribus can import symbol sets for Illustrator (special eps and ai files), these could be loaded via the Open option in the Symbols dialog. For Scribus symbol sets, we could use something like SCE or Scribus objects.

4) An item added to the Symbols dialog receives the prefix "Pattern" automatically as a suggestion for a name, but once converted to a symbol, the suggested name for the symbol if sent to Patterns or the Scrapbook is "Symbol". This could have been invented by Eugène Ionesco ( ;)
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related to 0011377 closed Improvements to Symbol Library dialog 



2013-01-07 11:44

administrator   ~0029629

Points 3 and 4 are moved to new Bug 11357


2013-01-07 20:48

administrator   ~0029643

Tested, fixed. Thanks


2013-01-07 23:20

administrator   ~0029646

Franz, on a second look only "Convert to" is implemented, not "Send to". If that's not possible or would take too much work, fine with me. It's just a reminder.


2013-01-07 23:27

administrator   ~0029647

Send to is also implemented: Item->Send to->Patterns
Patterns are Symbols. A Pattern can be used as a Symbol.


2013-01-07 23:32

administrator   ~0029650

OK, thx.

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