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0001585ScribusScripterpublic2005-02-02 17:04
ReporterringercAssigned Tocbradney  
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Platformx86 LinuxOSFedora CoreOS Version1
Product Version1.2.1 
Fixed in Version1.2.2cvs 
Summary0001585: [PATCH] Macro manager for Scripter
DescriptionThe macro manager I've been working on is, I think, now ready for inclusion in 1.2.x. The core of it is functionally complete and I can't find any bugs. There's still a bit to do, but it'd really be better to do it after this goes in to CVS.

The README in the attached tarball contains more information about all this. The README, TODO, and example script shouldn't be checked in.

User level documentation is still missing. Sorry. It's in progess.

In addition to the macro manager, the included patch adds a configuration dialog for the scripter (for 1.2.x this is added to the 'script' menu. The 1.3 version will use the plugin prefs planned by Craig B).

The patch also exports all install paths to the scripter, as this is something I've run into the need for a few times, and something that will help when looking at writing a test suite.

This isn't suited for 1.3 - it's to make it a bit easier for users to use the scrpter in 1.2.x and make it possible to write simple gui extensions and helper applets. A 1.3 version will be created once the 1.2.x work is completely finished, but I want to "do it right" - put the macro manager in the core and make it capable of handling other macro-like things (think recorded lists of actions from the undo manager). As what I have here is quite self-contained, low impact, and defaults to off, I'd like to get it into 1.2.x so we can get the functionality to users sooner rather than later.

If you folks decide not to add this to 1.2.x I can deal with that - after all there are things, like ensuring globally unique keyboard shortcuts - that I'm not sure I can do in 1.2.x without changing more than I'd like. If you do decide not to include the full macro mgr, I'd like to get a cut down version with the 'load extension script' functionality in, as I think that's important.

Initially assigning to Petr for his review.
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2005-02-02 08:50



2005-02-02 08:50

reporter   ~0003584

Uploaded new tarball with fixed up example script.

I'm still working on the docs and a final set of examples.


2005-02-02 17:04

reporter   ~0003589

While documentation and examples are still needed, they'll be attached in a new bug. Closing.

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