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0015873ScribusFontspublic2024-01-26 21:36
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Summary0015873: Manage moved font files
Description(among other things) 0011776 asks for scribus to manage moved font files in a similar way as it should manage moved image files.

i clone here that half of the ticket, so that it can be closed when and if a better image management is in place.

the original ticket asks for a way for the user to define where the fonts are placed.
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related to 0011776 closedale [PATCH]: Missing linked ressources improvement 



2019-10-24 16:03

manager   ~0046853

As far I can tell the current status is:

- Scribus will detect on start up the fonts placed in the system's standard paths (~/.fonts, ...)
- Scribus will detect on start up the fonts placed in the pats defined by the user in the preference
- When opening a document Scribus will detect the fonts that are in the same directory as the .sla file or in its subdirectory "fonts" (those fonts are only available for the specific document).
- Collecting for output will place the collected fonts in the "fonts" directory close to the .sla.
- The local fonts are also there for IDML files (but there might be a bug there)

From my perspective there is nothing much to add, except that we might make it possible to configure the name of the "fonts" directory close to the .sla for each document.


2024-01-26 21:36

reporter   ~0050937

My 2 cents here. My current work folder layout for a magazine project is:

- root
   |- CommonStructure
        |- data common to all issues (e.g. master pages images)
   |- Issue 0000001
        |- issue1.sla
        |- data related only to first issue
   |- Issue 0000002
        |- issue2.sla
        |- data related only to second issue
   |- Issue N

This way I can avoid duplicating every time the common resources.

This works because the .sla file references the images through relative paths (e.g. ../CommonStructure/masterA1.png).

Now I cannot do this with fonts, since fonts folder cannot be specified relatively.

Proposal: add directly in the sla file the possibility to specify one or more additional folder at document level. This way one can specify an additional folder on a document base

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