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0015897ScribusProperties Palettepublic2023-12-03 15:02
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Summary0015897: Add the editable item name field to the Outline window
DescriptionWith my proposal (mostly based on Indigo UI's changes), the editing of the item name would go to the outline palette.

The idea behind it, is that people who use the outline palette are also the ones that are most likely to modify the item's name.

The plan is then to also add to the outline palette a "copyable" field with the information that is currently in the context menu > info.

I plan to submit a patch for this very soon.
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related to 0015813 new Indigo UI: remove the item name from the Properties Palette 



2019-11-02 05:34

administrator   ~0046904

If outline window has to support item name editing, this should be done by editing name directly in the outline tree, not by adding a new field.


2019-11-02 07:17

manager   ~0046908

editing in the tree was my first idea.
by double clicking on the tree item.
but that starts the edit mode on canvas.

personally, i'm fine with disabling the current edit behavior and, if the user wants to enter edit mode, she will have to double click on the item itself (if possible) or press the "e" key.
(i've tried it out: double clicking in the outline to edit an item does not really feel natural... being able to edit the item name would indeed be much better)

i also thought about adding a "edit item name" in the tree context menu.
but i came to the conclusion that having a text field always visible is faster to reach.
the user does not even have to click on the outline tree to edit the item name, but can click on the items on the canvas and directly go to the input field.
no click is necessary.
and this will probably be the most common use case.

finally, there is a request by jluc to have more (better) information in the "context menu > info". having a second pane in the outline palette would allow to add that information in there.
and making it possible to "select" and copy that information.

currently, i have the feeling that adding an edit field below the tree is the simplest solution (i just have to take the xyzbase files and remove everything that does not relate to the editname field; i already did it yesterday evening).
and it provides code that can be used also for an editable tree, too.

in the near future we will have to discuss:

- if we want to keep the outline palette as is and get the items to be edited through a double click or
- if we prefer to expand a bit the outline palette to provide "geeky" information about the document and the items (and probably change its name... i don't really like libreoffice's "navigator", but it might be a better name... or "explorer").

i even thought that we could make the tree, the edit field and a future info panel collapsing, so that one could hide the tree and the info panel, dock the outline palette on top of the properties one and get almost the exact same layout as she has now!

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